Oil Delivery

  • Residential Heating Oil
  • Commercial Heating Oil
  • On & Off Road Diesel
  • Soy Shield Additive
    for On Road & Off Road Diesel
  • Gasoline

Rausch Fuel Oil is a full service oil company. In addition to oil delivery we also provide full service burner maintenance, as well as tank installation. For your convenience, we offer several methods of delivery.

Please note that our minimum delivery order is 100 gallons.

Oil Delivery Options

  • Automatic delivery: Automatic delivery is available for our customers who never want to worry about running out of fuel in their tank. Deliveries are scheduled automatically and typically there is no need to be home when the delivery is made. We use the past history of customer deliveries in combination with local weather to accurately forecast when deliveries are needed. This ensures that as a Rausch Fuel Oil customer, you'll always have fuel in your tank no matter what "Mother Nature" brings.
  • Call In: If you prefer, you may simply call us to schedule a delivery. Call in delivery allows the customer to decide when to purchase fuel oil. This may be helpful for customers that want to be in full control of expenses for fuel oil. We will do our best to deliver your order the same day you call, based on our availability in your area. Our normal delivery days are Monday - Friday from 7am to 5pm. Our prices are always based on market price and are subject to change.

Our "best pricing guarantee" is available by paying for your order at the time of delivery (COD) or for our billing customers paying within 7 days. We gladly accept payment via cash, check, MasterCard and Visa.

  • Budget plans: A monthly budget plan is an effective way to avoid high heating oil bills during winter months. Rausch Fuel Oil uses estimated annual expenditures and divides that amount into equal monthly payments. The budget amount may be adjusted up or down as many times as needed throughout the season depending on price and weather. By spreading your payments over a 9 or 10 month program, starting in August or September, you get the convenience of predictable low monthly payments.